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Discardban fatal for European FISHERMEN

The discard ban , Article 15 of the CFP Regulation, is for European fishermen unworkable and disastrous. The Introduction of it should immediately be stopped. If not, according to the plans, it means a catastrophical outcome for a complete fishing industry. Not only for the European fishing fleet, but also for related companies (suppliers and Fish processors etc.)

Fishermen all over Europa are desperate and faced with a highly uncertain future, as a result of these bizarre new European fishing laws. We feel that we are lacking support. How can it be that Brussels abandons and denies European fishermen and related companies?

At the fixing of the discard ban, including the very fast implementation, no socio-economic consequences were taken into account, nor in the short neither in the long term. There are many innovative ideas for selective fishing methods, but the time to act appropriately is simply too short.

The job of Fishermen is aggravated by high costs, when faced with the adaptations they have to make, concerning the necessary extra handlings on board of the ship as a result of these odd measures.

Aside from the fact that the discard ban does not contribute to the elimination of food waste, we state that these rules are biological irresponsible and conflicting with the the laws of nature. A growing number of scientists share the same opinion. Survival chances of undersized commercial fish alternate as a result of changing circumstances. Concrete figures are – up to know – hard to produce and presented, even after intensive studies by professional research institutes.

Therefore we call for a revision of Article 15 and the replacement of the discard ban by a feasible and viable alternative.

These measures are unworkable and have no support whatsoever within our sector.


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